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Towing Markham boasts an extremely reliable roadside crew that will give you the five-star treatment you rightfully deserve. Our mission is to provide quick roadside assistance and to deliver your vehicle on time. You can reach our customer staff department 24/7 for help when you need it most. We also work together with licensed and skilled car locksmiths, in case you’re ever caught in an emergency lockout situation. Towing Markham is your one-stop-shop for all towing services, including long distance car tow!

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Have you been in an accident? The nearest auto body repair shop could be miles away from your roadside location. That’s where our long distance towing services come in handy! We’ll rush to the scene in less than a half hour to bring your vehicle to a top rated auto body garage nearby. Our sturdy flatbeds ensure that your vehicle never makes any contact with the harsh roadside surfaces. Your vehicle is resting comfortably atop our extra heavy flatbeds. We’ll have your vehicle off the road in no time!

We’re known for being exceptionally friendly and courteous. We offer a comprehensive list of towing services, which includes: long distance towing, private property towing, local distance towing, luxury vehicle towing, medium & heavy duty towing, light duty towing, wrecker towing, motorcycle towing and 24/7 roadside assistance.

Our roadside crew will transport your vehicle for the long haul. We offer excellent & competitive rates and top notch quality roadside assistance. You won’t have to foot the entire bill out-of-pocket, since you might be fully or partially covered by your insurance provider. You’ll definitely admire our level of dedication and professionalism. You’ve found the most reliable tow company in the city!

Towing Markham is constantly looking to expand our operations to accommodate more clients. We receive a very high referral rate from our satisfied customers. We’re always proud to show off our testimonials section on our site, since we’ve worked extra hard to achieve those results! We base our elite reputation on our premium level of customer care and overall roadside emergency support.

Make no mistake about it, we stand atop the mountain when it comes to expert roadside care and assistance. Our skilled technicians will present proper identification upon arrival, so you know that it’s us. We follow a strict safety policy at all times. You’re always welcome to contact us in advance to schedule an easy and convenient date for the long distance car tow service. We’ll provide you with a terrific quote that you can put into writing.

For Towing Markham long distance car tow services call (289) 201-2419