Motorcycle Towing in Markham

Towing Markham is a towing and roadside assistance company that is here to serve you and your needs for towing and roadside assistance. This includes taking care of all drivers, whether you drive a truck, a car, a van, or a motorcycle. Motorcycles can be more difficult to care for and are also at greater risk of damage at times. They squeeze between vehicles so easily that sometimes they get damaged and the driver along with it. When something bad happens while driving your bike and you find yourself in need of Markham motorcycle towing, you can call Towing Markham. We’ll get things straightened out and get you taken care of right away.

What Goes Into Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle towing Markham is unique because the motorcycle needs careful attention. Putting a commuter car on a tow dolly typically will not damage the car, though a flatbed is usually safer. But just putting a motorcycle on a flatbed is in no way safe because it could fall over or slide. So when you call Towing Markham for motorcycle towing, we come with a flatbed as well as additional special equipment. We’ll have a wheel cradle in place to set the motorcycle into, which will hold the front wheel in place so that it does not slide or rotate while on the flatbed. Then when the bike is put within the wheel cradle, we will use a motorcycle rail or nylon straps to secure it to the cradle and to the flatbed.

Taking Care Of Your Motorcycle

Your motorcycle needs to be towed in the proper way to avoid getting damaged in the process. With the bike carefully secured in the fashion described above, it can be easily transported without suffering consequences of damage, sliding, scratching, or more. We know how important this motorcycle is to you, so we will take the best care of it as we provide you with motorcycle towing Markham.

Taking Care Of You

Additionally, we want to take care of you. This means that right away, when you need towing, we’ll ask what you need. If you need medical care because you’ve been injured, we’ll help you get it. if you’re all right and just your bike needs transportation, we’ll get someone there as soon as possible. A technician will be immediately dispatched to your location, which means that he will arrive within 30 minutes or less. You’ll be helped out right away so that you can get on with your day. And this applies to any time of day or night – we’re open 24/7 for your business. Most importantly, we provide our professional help at reasonable price rates on the market today, ensuring you an affordable price for top notch service. Our certified and licensed technicians provide professional motorcycle towing for you whenever and wherever you need it in Markham. So the next time you’re looking for a reliable and efficient motorcycle towing job, look no further than Towing Markham.