Efficient Private Property Towing Services in Markham by Markham Towing

 Markham Towing is a towing company dedicated to providing Markham property owners with the best and most reliable towing services around the area. It only takes about 30 minutes or less (after contacting) before a tow truck and truck driver arrive in your location, ready to impound illegally parked cars in your property and help sort out negotiations between you and the car owner.

 What You Need to Know About Our Private Property Towing Services

 If you are an owner of any type of property in Markham—business establishment, school, apartment complex, driveway—then you should be well-informed of your rights as a property owner. Since you rightfully own a parking space (provided you are the legal owner and have papers to prove it), any car that is not yours and is left there is considered as illegal parking. You have the right to have it impounded for the damage it has and will cause you (towing service charge), which is where we come in.

We’ll take care of everything in the towing process—from hooking up the vehicle to our truck to putting it in storage. You don’t have to worry about much else (other than contacting us for the service), since it is the car owner’s to responsibility to cover all costs.

 Some Reminders Before Requesting For a Tow

 For us to legally tow a vehicle, a tow-away zone sign must be erected on the parking space and must be clearly visible. A vehicle with the owner still inside it is also not consider as illegally parked. Lastly, only the owner of the property (or the owner’s agent or administrator) can request for a private property tow. So if you’re a tenant at an apartment duplex, for example, you’ll have to inform the owner or the owner’s representative.

 Contact Us

 If you’re a private property owner looking for a towing company to trust when it comes to private property towing services, call us now! We provide private property tows to all property owners in Markham in 30 minutes or less.Furthermore, if you are interested to give our services a review, phone us now and give one! Our phone line is also open for any comments, questions, suggestions, and concerns from our valued clients in Markham.

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