Markham Towing Testimonials

Client Testimonials for Markham Towing

“I called my dad. No answer. I called my uncle. Line engaged. I even tried calling my brother in the hope he could help me out but he was at work. I had broken down on the outskirts of Markham and really had no idea what to do. My brother was able to ask a buddy from the garage for a good towing company in Markham who could help get me out of this jam without it costing me a month’s wages. They immediately suggested and called  Towing Markham on my behalf. I was very lucky they also specialise in roadside assistance, as thankfully I didn’t need towing after all, but did need a battery change and gas top up. They arrived within 30 short minutes and got everything sorted for a very reasonable price. I am eternally grateful!” Louise Wilson

“Telling yourself a thousand times that you really should get that oil level checked is no substitute for actually doing it, as I learned the hard way last week. We were on our way out to the country for a fishing weekend when just coming up to the city limits my car died. We called  Towing Markham whose roadside assistance technicians arrived like lightning to solve the problem in no time. Thanks for the oil top-up and helpful advice, guys!” Steve Wulwink

“Truly wonderful customer service and a phone line that is genuinely never unattended. I know this for certain as yesterday I called to place an emergency towing request for my husband at 2am! He is a commercial pilot and broke down on his way back from the airport into Markham. Many thanks to the team at  Towing  Markham for getting him home to me and the kids in such a short time!” Maureen MacIntyre

“I am a plumber I had a list of emergency house calls to make that I almost didn’t because of a broken ignition key. Many thanks to the car locksmiths at Towing Markham for getting my new key cut on the spot like that – amazing stuff!” Derek Howes

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